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Please copy the entry form and send it to Terry ASAP. We have a limited amount of space left. 

Terry's email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Click the return button, complete the form, and return to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Entry Fee, payable before closing date: R200 Closing Date for Payments and entries:     20 SEPTEMBER  
Inclusive Competition, Green Fees & Tote
Entries are only added to the draw when proof of payment has been received
Name:  Surname:
I WISH TO PLAY   (please tick) AM PM
Guest Entry:                                                                                                            (please pay for your guest with your payment to ensure entry into the draw)
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E mail Cell No
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Please select one of the following by entering an "x" into the appropriate box:
(a) I wish to play and enclose an entry of R200 per player. (b)  I will not be playing.
Please indicate method of payment by entering an "x" into the appropriate box:
Cheque Internet
Please Note:
The entry fee is R200.00                                                                        Please send Proof of Payment with your entry form
Entries are added to the draw when proof of payment has been received
Should we not be able to accommodate any guests paid for, you will be given a credit for this amount.
Please make cheques out to Nomads Golf Club - Easterns
     Please not that when you are withdrawing from the game within 48 hours of the scheduled  
     game, you are expected to phone Terry to cancel.
Credit will only be given on cancellations received more than 3 full days prior to the game and
is valid only for the following three games, otherwise the entry fee becomes a donation.
Banking Details:
Nomads Golf Club - Easterns – Mercantile Bank
Account Number: 1050621522
Branch Code:  450142 (Boksburg)
Please be sure that your name appears as a reference on the internet/direct deposit payment.
Please attach a copy of the deposit to your entry or you can pay by cheque.


The Botswana Nationals took place on the 9th & 10 August at Phakalane Golf Course in Gaberone

Easterns was well represented and the boys enjoyed the course and the cowboy bar which was fully stocked with free St Louis Draught

The weather was warm and slightly windy in the afternoon but nothing stopped the Easterns contingent from performing well.

Overall winners South Africa

Best playing Captain past or present Robbie Frank edged out Vic Hall to win.

Vic Hall however took the cash in the Captains swindle

Raymond Lindsay Best gross over 2 days

Easterns won all three divisions A,B & C

1st time out, Bertus de Klerk from Easterns wins Champion of Champions

Flag Raising

Flag lowering ceremony


Celebrating the win - After party held at National Captain Botswana’s Home with Glenbrynth

Left to Right: Mark Reid (National Captain Swaziland), Vic Langkilde, Neil Withey (National Captain Botswana) Vic Hall (National Chairman SA) Mark Verwey Captain Border, Marcelle Meiring Captain (Southern Cape)

and Robbie Frank (National Pro)


- Vic Lankilde ( Captain Easterns)

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