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In 1967 it was decided to hold a fund-raising golf day at Huddle Park and Nomads were promised a substantial sponsorship (in those days) of R1,5000.00 by an international publishing house. At the last minute the sponsorship was withdrawn and, on hearing the news, Andrew Mentis stepped in and underwrote the sponsorship. Ever since then the vehicle used to raise the money is officially called the Nomads National Andrew Mentis Endowment Fund.

Each year the Vice Captain of each province is tasked with the responsibility of raising the funds and overseeing the projects selected. There are certain guidelines set out by our National Executive pertaining to the charities we are able to assist, first and foremost, they need to be a registered charity a NPO number, secondly the project should leave a legacy with long lasting benefits and thirdly the project in its entirety must be administered and overseen by Nomads. Under no circumstances will cash be paid to any charity.

Our Vice Captain for 2020/21, Gavin Adams & his committee will be running the Nomads Andrew Mentis Endowment Fund for the coming year. If anyone has a charity that you would like Gavin and his committee to support please send the following information to him:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  1. A profile of the charity.
  2. The charity's NPO number (compulsory).
  3. A "wish list" of what the charity would like. Please remember no cash will be donated, he will only consider tangible projects. 

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