Abridged Rules

  1. The competition will be run as an individual knockout competition from March to Gold Cup.
  2. You don't need to play in the same fourball as your opponent your score will be calculated from your Nomads scorecard.
  3. The player with the highest differential for a cycle will progress. Where there is a cycle with two months your best differential score from the two games will count.
  4. Should there be a count out the second score in the cycle will count. If the scores are then still tie there will be a count out commencing from stroke 1 through to 18 using the second card without taking handicaps into account i.e. if both players score the same Nomads points on the stroke one the stroke 2 will be taken into account and so on and so forth until there is a winner.
  5. If a player is unable to make an Easterns monthly game in a cycle a make-up game score may be used as long as the game is played within that cycle and is the only score available. The differential scoring rule applies.
  6. If a player is unable to make an Easterns monthly game or a make-up game in a cycle he will forfeit and his opponent will advance.
  7. If both players are unable to make a monthly game in a cycle they will be disqualified unless there is an agreement between them to play the game outside of the Nomads monthly game in the correct cycle.


Cycle - The time taken to complete a round. Some rounds will take 2 months and others one month.
Draw - The draw will consist of 64 players, 32 players in the top half and 32 in the bottom half culminating in the winner of the top half playing the winner of the bottom half. Once the draw has been made there will be no changes made to it.
Differential – The difference between the average score for the day and your score i.e. if the average score for the day is 29 and your score is 31 you will record a +2 differential, if your score is 27 you will record a -2 differential.

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