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    • Altar Bunnies reserved especially for the 4 mamparas who score the lowest combined total and get branded the worst playing fourball on the day, sponsored by our National Chairman Robbie Frank from Elemental Analytics.
    • Benneton Duo – Awarded to the best playing duo on the day sponsored by Errol Civin, Ryan and Jodi Schaper from Benneton Insurance Brokers.
    • Brandhouse Playing Captain of the day (past or present) - a prize for the captain with the highest score on the day.
    • CMC Best of the Rest for the player who loses out on winning or coming second in a division but is still better than the rest of the field in all division – CMC Air Conditioners, Bob and Linda Hall.
    • Nearest the Pin sponsored by Steve Bouwer for the sharp shooters who get it closest on the shorts (by fluke or other means).
    • Clydesdale Engineering - Rob Gordon Nearest the Pin for the least 
    • "Mr Snake Killer" - A special award made to the player who really gets his money's worth by playing more golf than the rest of the field sponsored by Vic Hall from Colvic Marketing.
    • Senior MAN of the Match, for the "Old Ballies" awarded to the best player of the day in the over 55's category Dynamic Battery Chargers - Derick Lindsay.
    • 2 Under on the par 5's this prize is definitely only reserved for A Division players and gets given to the golfer or golfers who manage to record a score of 2 under on the par 5's, sponsored by Clydesdale Engineering - Rob Gordon.
    • Varrie's Hallelujah befitting Tony's sense of humour, this prize is given to the person who sinks the longest putt on the 13th hole at every monthly game, sponsored by "The Varrie Family".
    • Victor Fortune Eagle anybody lucky enough to get an eagle during the course of the game will be rewarded by Alan and Dudley Meredith from Victor Fortune.
    • Wununda – Giving the other golfers a bit of a chance by presenting players who manage to play the par 3's in 1 under sponsored by Polla de Jongh.
    • Ebotse Golf Club Voucher - Vic Lankilde
    • Silver Salvers - Easterns Members scoring 40 points plus during any Nomads Competition will receive a stainless steel tray proudly sponsored by National Stainless Steel Centre - Mischel Frljak

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